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Service Agreement

Service Agreement updated 06/01/2024

Service Agreement

Appointment times are estimated and subject to variation due to factors such as the unpredictability of live animals, traffic, and weather conditions. Typically, a 30–60-minute window will be allotted. In the event of a delay exceeding 15 minutes beyond this window, Pappy Paws LLC commits to promptly notifying you via call or text.

Pets are accepted for grooming under the following conditions:

The pet must be in good health; grooming elderly or infirm pets will be undertaken at the owner's risk.

Grooming may reveal pre-existing health or skin conditions, for which Pappy Paws LLC cannot be held responsible.

The pet's rabies vaccine must be up to date unless otherwise discussed.

In the event of an emergency in your absence, you authorize Pappy Paws LLC to contact the nearest veterinarian and authorize necessary treatment at your expense.

Payment is due at the time of service and may be made via cash, check, or credit card. A $35 charge will be incurred for returned checks. Rates are determined by the pet's breed and grooming duration. Nail cutting and ear cleaning are included unless deemed too stressful for the pet or unsafe for the groomer.

During the initial service, the groomer will assess your pet's coat type and weight to ensure accuracy. Any discrepancies may result in adjustments to the pricing.

“De-matting" or complete coat removal may significantly alter your pet's appearance and could uncover pre-existing health or skin issues. Pappy Paws LLC cannot be held liable for any resulting scrapes or nicks. An additional fee, based on the severity of matting, will be added to cover extra time and equipment wear.

1. Cancellations: Efforts will be made to work under safe conditions. Cancellation or rescheduling requires 48 hours’ notice to waive the full appointment fee. The groomer may waive the fee within this period for uncontrollable circumstances. Pappy Paws LLC reserves the right to cancel or reschedule appointments if necessary.

2. No-Shows: A "no-show" occurs when the client fails to be present at the scheduled appointment without prior notice. A 15-minute grace period will be allowed, after which the full grooming fee will be charged to cover revenue loss.

3. Matted Dogs: The groomer will assess matting and determine whether brushing or shaving is necessary. Attempts will be made to contact the owner for consent. If unreachable, shaving may be necessary. Owners are encouraged to communicate preferences during check-in.

4. Unable to Groom/Minimum Visit Charge: In cases where grooming cannot be completed due to safety concerns or animal distress, a minimum visit charge of $70 may apply. Charges will be adjusted accordingly if only partial grooming is possible.

a. **Pets that bite or exhibit unsafe behaviors may be refused. This refusing is 100% up to the groomer onsite.

5. Social media: By agreeing to this service, you authorize Pappy Paws LLC to utilize your pet's media and information for promotional purposes across various online platforms. Your consent is voluntary and non-compensatory, releasing Pappy Paws LLC and its affiliates from any liability arising from such usage.

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